ISO 26262 Road Vehicles – Functional Safety Standard is to address the sector specific needs of electrical and/or electronic (E/E) systems within road vehicles. This adaptation applies to all activities during the safety lifecycle of safety-related systems comprised of electrical, electronic and software components.

ISO 26262 道路車輪功能安全标准 是用來應對道路車輛中的電氣和/或電子系統領域的特定需要。它適用于由電氣、電子和軟件元件組成的安全相關系統在安全生命週期內的所有活動。

Since the original publication of ISO 26262 on Nov 15, 2011, the industry has undergone several significant changes. The rapid deployment of Automated Driving connected technologies, together with the associated cybersecurity threat has seen growing inadequacies in the original iteration of ISO 26262. Accordingly, ISO 26262:2018, the second edition and update to the standard, is planned to publish later this year.

自 ISO 26262 于2011年11月15日發佈以來, 汽車行業發生了幾項重大變化。自動驅動相關技術的快速推廣、以及相關聯的網路安全威脅在 ISO 26262 的原始應用中逐漸顯現其不足性。相應地,ISO 26262:2018, 該標準的第二版及更新, 預計在今年晚些時候發行。

The primary changes主要變更:

ISO 26262:2018 will include several important changes and additions with implications for software vendors.
ISO 26262:2018 將包括一些重要的變化和對軟件供應商的影響的補充。

  • Eliminates the weight limit, and will thereby expand its coverage to other vehicle categories, including heavier road cars, trucks, busses, and motorcycles
    消除了重量限制, 從而將其覆蓋範圍擴大到其他車輛類別, 包括較重的道路車輛、卡車、公共汽車,以及摩托車
  • Guidelines on the application of ISO 26262 to semiconductors in the standard’s new Part 11
    ISO 26262 在標準的新的11部分中增加適用于半導體的準則
  • Updates to the PMHF (Probabilistic Metric for Hardware Failure) equation and verification of safety analysis.對硬體故障概率度量公式和安全分析驗證的更新
  • Extend the process to ensure confidence in the use of software tools to include vendor validation

Source: Automotive IQ

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Technical Support by DQS 技術支援:

  • After the official release of ISO 26262:2018, DQS Academy will deliver public training courses to help customers understand the standard and changes.
    在 ISO26262:2018 正式發佈後,DQS學堂 將提供公開培訓課程,協助客戶理解標準要求及其變更。

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