ISO Auditor Training Courses 審核員培訓課程 2017-10-05T21:48:49+00:00

Training 培訓 –> Qualification 資格 –> Career Development 職業發展 (ISO Auditor Training 審核員培訓)

DQS Academy (HK) focuses on providing professional training courses related to ISO and industrial standards.
DQS學堂 (HK) 專業提供 ISO 和行業標準相關的公開培訓課程

                 “You’re never too old to reinvent yourself.”

Automotive Core Tools Training Courses  汽車業質量管理五大核心工具培訓課程
DQS recognized Training CoursesDQS 認可培訓課程
On-demand Training Courses  專題培訓課程
PECB Recognized Certification Auditor Training CoursesPECB 認可認證審核員培訓課程
IRCA Certified Training Courses  IRCA 認可培訓課程
DGQ Certified Training Courses  DGQ 認可培訓課程


Terms 條款

Notes 注意:
a) If the scheduled exam date is not suitable to you, you can contact us for alternative dates.
b) If you prefer a training on other dates, please let us know your preferred dates and the course codes.

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