DQS Academy (HK) provides online lecturing training courses related to ISO and industrial standards.
DQS 學堂 (HK) 提供 ISO 和行業標準相關的在線講授培訓課程

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Minitab Application Training Courses | Minitab 應用培訓課程
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Online Lecturing Approach
培訓費/人 (VIP小班)
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包班 (人數、日期、自定)
DOE-Level 1DOE with Minitab Training (Leve 1) | 應用Minitab進行適用試驗設計培訓 (初級)Chinese 中文國語0.5 day14:00 - 17:00Apr 7, 2020DingTalk "釘釘"HKD 1,600USD800 + USD10/person
DOE-Level 2DOE with Minitab Training (Leve 2) | 應用Minitab進行適用試驗設計培訓 (中級)Chinese 中文國語0.5 day14:00 - 17:00Apr 8, 2020DingTalk "釘釘"HKD 1,600USD800 + USD10/person
Terms 條款
a) The prices may be adjusted without advanced notice, which will be applied to orders confirmed after it.
b) For a course affected by unexpected situation, DQS-HK will reschedule the part of affected activities.
c) For a course with certificate, a certificate in pdf will be provided with conditions specified in the course brochure.
d) The planned courses are subject to further confirmation by email after enough participates are registered.

Notes 注意:
If you prefer a training on other dates or need another course by online lecturing, please let us know your preferred dates and the course names.

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