McDonald’s SQMS Guidance Document is to identify McDonald’s expectations with respect to its suppliers’ food safety and quality management systems. The suppliers shall establish, implement, document, and maintain food safety and quality management systems and continually improve their effectiveness to meet McDonald’s requirements. Suppliers shall demonstrate the effectiveness of such systems via documented processes, control measures and audit results.

McDonald’s has approved DQS CFS as a globally recognized third party audit firm for SQMS (Supplier Quality Management System) audits, which will be conducted worldwide.

To verify a supplier’s compliance with McDonald’s SQMS, there may be varying acceptable approaches. An acceptable one is a supplier audit against a GFSI recognized standard in addition to a specific McDonald’s SQMS addendum.

麥當勞通過《供應商品質管理體系》指導文件指出麥當勞對其供應商的食品安全和品質管理體系的期望。供應商應建立、實施、文件化和維護食品安全和品質管理體系, 並不斷提高其有效性, 以滿足麥當勞的要求。供應商應通過文件化的流程、控制措施和審核結果來證明這些體系的有效性。

麥當勞已批准DQS CFS作為全球認可的審核機構提供供應商品質管理體系審核, 此審核將在全球範圍內進行。



*   Referenced Source: DQS Holding GmbH
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