SPC Training by DQS Academy

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SPC Training by DQS Academy

A SPC Training Course was successfully delivered by DQS Academy in recent days, following by an exam at DQS Academy online

Some of the participants have been attended SPC training courses before. Active and indepth discussions and workshops were completed by the participants, which were guided by the experienced tutor. 

Quite some the misunderstandings in the past, and common in the industry, such as difference and relation between Cpk and Ppk, were discussed during the course. Meanwhile, the mechanism of control charts and the appropriate application of control chart and process capability study, were well addressed in the course. Besides SPC related requirements in IATF 16949:2016, 6-sigma quality concept was also discussed in the training course. 

The participants said that the exam questions are professional but not easy, but most of them, after active participation during the course, can pass the exam by one trial and awarded Training Completion Certificates.

Individual participant without much experience in SPC felt that the difficulty is a little bit high. Generally, most participants were very satisfied with the learning effectiveness from the training course, and are willing to recommend it to others as stated in the training survey forms. 

Besides this SPC training course, most of the participants have or will attend other Core Tools Training Courses by DQS Academy in recent months, such as FMEA, MSA, APQP, and PPAP.



針對學員們過去在SPC應用中的一些困惑,也是行業中普遍存在的,例如Cpk和Ppk之間的差異和關係,在此課程中得到討論。同時,控製圖的機理、控製圖和工序能力研究的恰當應用也包括在本課程中。除了IATF 16949:2016中的統計過程控制相關要求,培訓課程中還討論了6西格瑪質量的概念。




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