/////Release of ISO 26262:2018 道路車輪功能安全标准發行

Release of ISO 26262:2018 道路車輪功能安全标准發行

More and more electronic functions are applied in vehicles nowadays. A lot of functions can be achieved by the touch of a button or through a simple voice command. Electronics are behind such vehicle functionalities and the technology keeps emerging, along with which a set of risks come.

The purpose of the ISO 26262 standard is to mitigate these risks by providing guidelines and requirements for the functional safety of electrical and electronic systems in road vehicles.

ISO 26262, Parts 1 to 12, were developed by ISO technical committee ISO/TC 22, Road vehicles, subcommittee SC 32, Electrical and electronic components and general system aspects, whose secretariat is held by JISC, ISO’s member for Japan. Published in 12 individual parts, ISO 26262:2018, Road vehicles – Functional safety, has been released to keep in pace with these new and rapidly evolving technologies.

Mr Susumu Akiyama, Chair of the ISO subcommittee that developed the standards, said functional safety for electrical and electronic systems in road vehicles is essential for overall quality and product safety, as well as for the manufacturer’s reputation.

ISO 26262 defines functional safety for all automotive electronic and electrical safety-related systems, covering their entire life cycle including the development, production, operation, service and decommissioning.

An automotive-specific, risk-based approach is applied in the ISO 26262 standard for determining risk classes, known as Automotive Safety Integrity Levels (ASILs). ASILs are established by performing a risk analysis of potential hazards based on Severity, Probability of Exposure and Controllability by Driver.

ISO 26262 Road Vehicles – Functional Safety Standard is to address the sector specific needs of electrical and/or electronic (E/E) systems within road vehicles. This adaptation applies to all activities during the safety lifecycle of safety-related systems comprised of electrical, electronic and software components.

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ISO 26262標準的目的就是通過為道路車輛中的電氣和電子系統的功能安全提供指導和要求來減輕這些風險。
ISO 26262,第1至12部分,由ISO技術委員會ISO / TC 22,道路車輛,分委員會SC 32,電氣和電子部件以及一般系統方面開發,其秘書處由JISC,ISO的日本成員擔任。涵蓋12個單獨的部分,ISO 26262:2018 道路車輛 – 功能安全標準 已發布,以跟上這些新的和快速發展的技術的步伐。制定標準的ISO小組委員會主席 Susumu Akiyama 先生表示,公路車輛中電氣和電子系統的功能安全對於整體質量和產品安全以及製造商的聲譽至關重要。ISO 26262定義了所有汽車電子和電氣安全相關係統的功能安全性,涵蓋其整個生命週期,包括開發,生產,運營,服務和回收。

汽車安全完整性等級(ASIL),一個基於風險的汽車業特定方法,應用於ISO 26262標準來確定風險等級。 ASIL是通過基於嚴重程度,顯現機會和駕駛員可控性三個因素來對潛在危險進行風險分析而建立的。

ISO 26262 道路車輪 功能安全标准 是用來應對道路車輛中的電氣和/或電子系統領域的特定需要。它適用于由電氣、電子和軟件元件組成的安全相關系統在安全生命週期內的所有活動。

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