Project Description

“Together for Sustainability” was initiated in summer 2011 by six of the world’s leading chemical industry networks, including its founders BASF, Bayer, Evonik, Henkel, LANXESS and Solvay, and other later joiners.

These well-known networks have nominated DQS to be their certification/audit partner shows an enormous level of trust. It is a confirmation that our technical expertise and know-how are well received and appreciated by the chemical industry.

The objective of TfS is to improve the awareness for sustainable action throughout the chain of supply, using uniform sustainability criteria to promote Best Practice and to become more transparent and efficient. To achieve this, the TfS audit program encompasses managerial as well as environmental aspects, health and safety at work, human and employee rights, and also responsible leadership.

The TfS initiative involves independent experts carrying out assessments and audits of suppliers, avoiding the need for each of the members to conduct their own. Results and scorecard ratings are then shared within TfS on a web-based collaborative platform. As well as avoiding repeated audits and assessments, other benefits include quality assurance, a reduction in the bureaucratic burden for suppliers and the lowering of risks in relation to sustainability requirements.

TfS FAQs 常見問題