Project Description

Gain trust – reduce risks – improve supplier relationships

贏得信任 – 降低風險 – 改善供應鏈關係

The Supplier Ethical Data Exchange Database (Sedex) is a worldwide platform for the exchange of information on ethically sustainable production in the supply chain.

The Sedex Database enables its members to manage their suppliers and reduce their risks by exchanging information on ethical performance. This way improvements regarding ethically sustainable business practices are made throughout the production chain. Enterprises which perform a SEDEX-Audit according to the SMETA-Guidelines and share this information in the SEDEX-Database can prove to their customers that they respect the principles of ethically and socially sustainable production.

Customers, on the other hand, can effectively manage their suppliers according to these principles, thus reducing their risk.




Benefits for your organization:


  • Improve your company’s reputation 提高公司的聲譽
  • competitive advantage 贏得競爭優勢
  • Reduction of risk 降低風險
  • Improvement of supplier relationships 改善供應關係
  • One instead of several audits 避免重複審核

DQS is a member of Associate Auditor Groups (AAG) of SEDEX.

DQS 是 SEDEX 關聯審核員團體 (AAG) 的成員。