Project Description

RC 14001 ® or RCMS ® Responsible Care

Responsible Care ® (RC) is a global, chemical industry performance initiative that is implemented in the United States and mandatory for members and partners of the American Chemistry Council (ACC).

The RCMS were developed by the ACC to integrate the RC® Guiding Principles, Codes of Management Practice and to transform them into a continual improvement-based “Plan-Do-Check-Act” management system approach. Organizations must demonstrate their commitment to gaining structure, improving credibility and involving employees in their Environmental Health, Safety and Security efforts.

As an ANAB accredited RC® registrar, DQS understands the importance that the RC® program plays for ACC, its members, partners and the chemical industry in general, through value add assessments.

DQS was the first registrar globally to certify a client in Asia. DQS is an official “Friend of Responsible Care” organization and sees itself as a partner to clients on the road to certification and EHSS performance improvement.

RC 14001 ® or RCMS ® 責任關懷體系

責任關懷體系 RC14001 是根據美國化學協會 (American Chemistry Council)制定的技術規範。RC®是為一項全球化學工業的自願型計畫,目 的在於提倡安全的持續改善以及環境與健康的保護,適用範圍可從企業組織到整個供應鏈,也是 ACC 成員和合作夥伴的強制標準。
RCMS 是由 ACC 開發以整合 RC® 指導原則、管理守則,並把它們轉化為以持續改進「計劃 – 執行 – 檢查 – 行動 」作基礎的管理系統。組織必須證明他們承諾在建立管理系統、提高公信力、員工健康安全及風險防範的努力。

作為一個 ANAB 認可的RC® 註冊商 ,DQS 了解到 RC® 對於ACC 成員、合作夥伴和化工行業的重要性。DQS 是亞洲第一個RC® 註冊商,也是「責任關懷之友」成員,我們視自己為客戶認證和 EHSS 改進的合作夥伴。

RC 的七項導則:

  • 產品職責(Product Stewardship)
  • 污染預防(Pollution Preventive)
  • 安全生產(Process Safety)
  • 社區互動(Community Outreach)
  • 安全運輸(Distribution)
  • 員工健康安全(Employee Health and safety)
  • 風險防範(Security)

Promoting Business 促進業務

The success of our clients is based on effective and efficient management systems. DQS assists our clients with value-added and objective assessments by ACC certified auditors. In this process, improvement potential is revealed. Exploiting this potential increases performance capability and enhances client satisfaction.

客戶的成功是基於有效和高效的管理系統。DQS 通過 ACC 認證的審核員為我們的客戶提供增值、客觀的評估。在此過程中,改進潛力得以章顯,而透過這種潛在的改善可以提高客戶滿意度。