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Project Description

ISO 45001:2018 / OHSAS 18001 Certification 職業安全與健康管理體系認證

Facts 現況

More than 250,000,000 – that is the number of on-the-job accidents worldwide in the year 2007. A horrible figure in light of the many lives that have been affected, but also alarming in respect of the costs organizations have to bear on account of working time lost – not to mention the burden placed on social systems for treatment and disability payments. At the same time, an increasing number of companies throughout the world choose to implement occupational health and safety management systems. And where that happens, the number and severity of on-the-job accidents and job-related health damage are in sharp decline.

As a commitment for social responsibility, more and more big international groups require their subsidiaries and suppliers to be certified against OHSAS 18001.

在2007年一整個年度中,全世界總共發生250,000,000件工安意外。這個可怕且龐大的數字帶來的影響是: 公司必須承受員工無法工作的成本而社福體系承擔員工醫療與照護的支出。為此,全球越來越多的公司選擇實施職業健康與安全管理體系。在這些公司中,工作安全意外與職業傷害日益減少。

作為社會責任的一部分,越來越多國際大企業要求其下屬公司和供應商獲取 OHSAS 18001認證。

Choices 選擇

Occupational health and safety management systems (OHSMS) are gaining in significance. More and more, they are being included in the central management tasks of the organization. With their integrated approach, they go far beyond the aspects of accident prevention and become the key for guaranteeing operational value-adding processes.

The standard´s compatibility with ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management) significantly facilitates implementation and certification of integrated management systems, thus allowing for the use of synergies. Integrated management systems of this kind are fundamental tools of corporate management; their use demonstrates acceptance of responsibility – for the good of mankind, society, and each organization.


A new standard ISO 45001:2018 has been developed by ISO to replace OHSAS 18001:2007. The new ISO standard on OHS is expected to release in Q1 2018.


BS OHSAS 18001的目的在於使公司得以控制其員工或相關單位在職業健康與安全方面的風險,且不斷改善其職業健康與安全體系。通過建立職業健康與安全體系,職業意外和對員工的健康造成之威脅可望減少,亦可節約相關費用。再者,工作狀況的改善無疑可提升員工的職業道德並相對地提高生產力。響應社會公眾的關注,多數國際性大公司都對本身和其供應商的社會責任提出嚴格要求,通過BS OHSAS 18001認證可以提昇企業形象亦可協助公司於行業內取得競爭優勢。

BS OHSAS 18001、ISO 14001及ISO 9001可任意組合進行合併審核和認證,達成效益最大化的綜合管理體系,讓公司在實施過程中以最少的資源和文件,控制並改善職業健康與安全管理體系。


國際標準化組織開發了一個關於職業健康與安全的新標準ISO 45001:2018, 用來替代目前的OHSAS 18001:2007標準。預計職安健管理體系新標準的正式版本將於2018年第一季度發行。

Related Training Courses | 相關培訓課程

The courses include ISO 45001 Internal Auditor, Lead Auditor, Migration Training, etc.
課程包括ISO 45001內審員、主任審核員等,轉換培訓、等。

Primary Changes to ISO 45001:2018 主要變化點
  • Adoption of High Level Structure
  • More focus on Organizational Context
  • Emphasis on top management’s roles and leadership
  • Strengthened participation by workers and their representatives in the PDCA cycle of OHSMS
  • Strengthened consideration on interested parties
  • Emphasis on risk-based thinking
  • More focus on OHS performance
  • Emphasis on prevention of illness/injure
  • Strengthened control on contractors
  • Emphasis on integration of OHSMS with business processes

ISO 45001:2018 White Paper 白皮書

ISO 45001:2018 Migration Plan 轉換安排

FAQs 常見問題

Q: How long will OHSAS 18001 customers have to migrate?
A: All OHSAS 18001 certificates will expire March 12, 2021. The migration audit is recommended to complete before 2021.

Q: Will I be able to register to OHSAS 18001 in the future?
A: No, the standard will be withdrawn. DQS will cease OHSAS 18001 registrations after
March 12, 2020.

Q: When will DQS be able to issue accredited certificates?
A: Yes. DQS HK normally issue ISO 45001 certification with ANAB accreditation.

Q: How do I determine the number of Effective Personnel?
A: It is crucial to include all contractors/subcontractors, personnel performing work or work-related activities under the control or influence of the organization, which can influence the organization’s OHSAS performance. Employees working from home, in the field or off-site, can certainly affect OHSAS performance.

Q: Will we need a stage 1 or readiness review?
A: New registrations or transfers will still require a formal stage 1. For companies with an existing, integrated ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certification with DQS, a readiness review is helpful to identify the possible gaps, to reduce the risk of major NCs during the formal migration audit.

Q: Does it make any sense to add a ISO 45001 certification to an organization that is already RC 14001 certified?
A: It depends on your business needs. Many of the requirements in OHSAS standard appear in the RC standards, essentially, the RC standard is considered to be an environmental standard. Being registered to RC 14001 doesn’t necessarily mean that all the requirements of ISO 45001 are addressed. It is up to the business to decide if they want to add ISO 45001, which it is designed to integrate well.

Q: Can the context of the organization be the same or similar to the context of the QMS?
A: Yes, it can, and in many cases, will. Depending on how you’ve defined your QMS. A single site building, for example, with boundaries defined as the property lines, and all activities contained therein may have the same context for QMS, EMS, and OHSAS.

Q: There is a strong position given to workers in the standard, why?
A: In order for an OHSAS to be strong and healthy, everyone in the organization must share some responsibility for maintaining a safe environment. The new standard recognizes the value of worker consultation in the development of better OHSAS practices and places greater emphasis on employees actively participating in the development planning, implementation and continual improvement of the OHSAS management system.

Benefits 效益:

  • Reduction in accidents by way of systematization of all activities relevant to occupational health and safety
  • Legal certainty due to adherence to all applicable statutory requirements
  • Improved employee identification and motivation due to management involvement in OHS processes
  • Improved image and competitive ability by way of documented, sustained OHSAS performance
  • For customers in HK, the implementation of OHSAS certification will facilitate organizations with a systematic approach to fulfil the requirements of FIU.

Why DQS 爲什麼選擇DQS?

  • After issuing Germany’s 1st ISO 9001 certificate in 1986, DQS has globally certified 57,000+ client sites.
    DQS在1986年頒發了德國的第一張ISO 9001證書後,至今為全球57,000多個場地提供了認證;
  • DQS is one of the founders of and the sole CB of Germany as member of IQNet.
  • DQS members have issued appx. 1/3 of management system certificates in the world. DQS clients can benefit from multi-recognition between members. IQNet成員發行了世界上大約1/3的管理體系認證證書。
  • DQS is 1st Certification Body in Germany accredited by TGA (now DakkS) for ISO 9001 certification.
    DQS是德國第一家獲得TGA(現在的DakkS)認可提供ISO 9001 認證的機構;
  • DQS is 1st Certification Body accredited by IATF for ISO/TS 16949 in the world.
    DQS是世界上第一家獲得IATF認可提供ISO/TS 16949 認證的機構;
  • DQS issued the 1st IRIS railway certificate in the world. DQS發行了世界上第一張IRIS軌道交通管理體系證書;
  • DQS has a large number of professional auditors across the globe;
  • DQS has professional auditors with proficiency in environment and OHS related regulations in HK, Macau, and Mainland China.

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