Project Description

ISO 29993:2017 Training Service Management System Certification

 — Service requirements for Learning services outside formal education

ISO 29993 is designed to improve transparency and credibility in the market by providing the minimum requirements for internationally agreed levels of quality learning services.

ISO 29993:2017 specifies requirements for learning services outside formal education, including all types of life-long learning (e.g. vocational training and in-company training, either outsourced or in-house). We may call them as training service here. These include any learning services provided by a learning service provider (LSP) that are addressed to learners themselves, as well as to sponsors who are acquiring the services on behalf of the learners.

The key features of these kinds of services are that the goals of learning are defined and the services are evaluated, and that they involve interaction with the learner. The learning can be face-to-face, mediated by technology, or a blend of both.


Learning services outside formal education means learning services provided by private organizations or individuals other than established recognized formal systems of education. They include all types of lifelong  earning such as vocational training, in-company training (either outsourced or in-house). They also include  learning services addressed to learners themselves, as well as their sponsors who purchase the services on behalf of the learners.

In cases where the learning service provider is part of an organization that delivers products (i.e. goods and services) in addition to learning services, ISO 29993:2017 only applies to learning services.

Training service providers can apply ISO 29993:2017 in the establishment, implementation, and improvement of their training service management system. ISO 29993:2017 is not aimed at schools, colleges and universities providing learning services as part of a formal education system, but it can be useful to them as a tool for reflection and self-evaluation.

Relations with other standards

ISO 2993:2017 is intended to provide a generic frame of reference for quality learning services outside formal education. The structure of this document reflects a typical sequence of experiences of learners and sponsors in a prototypical learning service, including advertising, information provided prior to acquisition of the service, needs analysis, design, assessment and evaluation.

The service requirements for a learning service provider contained in ISO 29990:2010 are addressed in ISO 29993:2017. The management system elements for an educational organization contained in ISO 29990:2010 are addressed in ISO 21001:2018.



ISO 29993旨在通過提供國際認可優質學習服務的最低要求,來提升市場的透明度和可信度。

ISO 29993:2017規定了正規教育以外學習服務的要求,包括所有類型的終身學習(例如:職業培訓和公司內部培訓,不論是外包或是內部培訓)。 在這裏簡稱爲培訓服務。這些都包括了學習服務提供者(LSP)提供的所有學習服務,這些服務提供者針對著學習者自身,以及代表學習者獲取服務的贊助者。

這些學習性服務的主要特徵是有確定的學習目標、服務效果的評估、而且當中涉及與學習者的交互作用。 學習可以是面對面的,通過技術手段接觸的,或兩者並存。


正規教育之外的學習服務指的是由私人組織或個人提供的學習服務,而非公認的正規教育系統。 它們包括所有類型的終身學習,如職業培訓,公司內部培訓(外包或內部培訓)。 它們還包括針對學習者自己的學習服務,以及代表學習者購買服務的贊助商。

如果學習服務提供者的組織除學習服務之外還提供其他產品(即商品和服務),則ISO 29993:2017只適用於學習服務。

培訓服務提供者可以應用ISO 29993:2017來建立、實施和改善自身的服務管理體系。ISO 29993:2017不是針對作為正規教育系統一部分的中小學、學院和大學,但這些機構可以將它用作參照和自我評估的工具。


ISO 29993:2017旨在為正規教育之外的優質學習服務提供一個通用參考框架。 本文的結構反映了學習者和贊助者在原型學習服務中的典型經驗序列,包括廣告,在獲得服務之前提供的信息,需求分析,設計,評估和研究。

ISO 29990:2010中對學習服務提供商的服務要求體現在ISO 29993:2017中;ISO 29990:2010中對教育組織的管理系統要求體現在ISO 21001:2018中。


Primary Clauses in the Standard
  • General information by LSP  培訓機構的基本資訊
  • Proposal development  方案開發
  • Information prior to learning service  學習服務前的資訊
  • Needs analysis  需求分析
  • Design of learning service  學習服務的設計
  • Information for learners or sponsors   給學員或贊助者的資訊
  • Service delivery   服務提供
  • Staff in learning services delivery   教職員
  • Learning material  學習資料
  • Learning environment  學習環境
  • Facilitators  講師
  • Assessment of learning   學習評估
  • Monitoring and evaluation   培訓服務的監控和評估
  • Invoicing  發票

Benefits from ISO 29993 certification

  • Enhance the credibility of learning services
  • Provide a model for improving learning services that can be shared within an organization
  • Provide an internationally recognized instrument that demonstrates the reliability and quality of learning services
  • Acknowledges the importance of the learner’s informed decision on the acquisition of learning services by specifying requirements on the information to be provided to learners (and/or their sponsors).
  • Help learners select learning services that are appropriate to their goals and purposes


Daniel Graf, chair of ISO/TC 232, the ISO technical committee that developed the standard, whose secretariat is held by DIN (a primary shareholder of DQS), ISO’s member for Germany, said: “Not only will learning providers benefit through improving quality and providing an internationally recognized standard that harmonizes many local, private and national standards, learners themselves benefit through having clearer information about what they can expect.

“ISO 29993 recognizes the importance of learners being able to make informed choices, by requiring the provider to give clear information about what they can expect to learn, and who the provider is.”

ISO 29993認證的好處

  • 提高學習服務的可信度
  • 提供可以在組織內共享的改進學習服務模型
  • 提供國際公認的儀器,證明學習服務的可靠性和質量
  • 通過指定要提供給學習者(和/或其贊助者)的信息要求,確認學習者對獲得學習服務的知情決定的重要性。
  • 幫助學習者選擇適合其目標和目的的學習服務


Daniel Graf是ISO / TC 232的主席,ISO技術委員會制定了該標準,其秘書處由DIN(德國DQS的主要股東)(ISO的德國成員)負責,他說:“學習提供者不僅可以通過提高質量並提供一個國際公認的標準而受益,協調許多地方,私人和國家標準,學習者自己通過更清楚地了解他們可以期望的信息而受益。

“ISO 29993明白到學習者能夠做出明智選擇的重要性,要求提供者提供關於他們可以期望學習什麼以及提供者是誰的明確信息。”