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ISO 21001:2018 Educational Organization Management System Certification

ISO 21001:2018 specifies requirements for a management system for educational organizations (EOMS).  ISO 21001:2018 is based on ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management Systems, but it provides a specific framework for educational organizations that aim to enhance the satisfaction of their learners by improving the educational processes and ensuring conformity to learners’ requirements.

ISO 21001:2018 規定了教育組織 (EOMS) 管理體系的要求。ISO 21001:2018 是基於ISO 9001:2015 – 質量管理體系,但它為教育組織提供了一個特定的框架,旨在通過改進教育過程和確保符合學習者的要求來提高學習者的滿意度。

Application 應用

  • All requirements of ISO 21001:2018 are generic and intended to be applicable to any organization that uses a curriculum to support the development of competence through teaching, learning or research, regardless of the type, size or method of delivery.
  • ISO 21001:2018 can be applied to pre-schools, schools, colleagues, universities,  vocational education institutions, professional training organizations, and professional training departments of non-educational organizations.
  • ISO 21001:2018 does not apply to organizations that only produce or manufacture educational products.
  • ISO 21001:2018 的所有要求都是通用的,旨在適用於任何使用課程,並通過教學、學習或研究來支持​​能力發展的組織,無論其類型,規模或交付方式如何。
  • ISO 21001:2018 可適用於學前教育組織、學校、學院、大學、職業教育機構、專業培訓機構、和非教育組織的專業培訓部門。
  • ISO 21001:2018 不適用於僅生產或製造教育產品的組織。

Relation with other Standards 與其他標準的關係

  • This standard is a stand-alone management system standard, aligned with ISO 9001:2015. It focuses on the management systems of educational organizations as well as the impact of these on learners and other relevant interested parties.
  • This document conforms to ISO’s requirements for management system standards, including high level structure, identical core text, and common terms with core definitions, designed to benefit users implementing multiple ISO management system standards.
  • Annex F of the standard provides an example of how to implement this document alongside the European Quality Assurance Framework for Vocational Education and Training (EQAVET).
  • 該標準是獨立的管理體系標準,與ISO 9001:2015 保持一致。它側重於教育組織的管理體系以及這些體系對學習者和其他相關利益方的影響。
  • 該標準符合 ISO 對管理系統標準的要求,包括高級結構、相同的核心文本以及核心定義的通用術語,旨在使實施多個ISO管理系統標準的用戶受益。
  • 該標準的附件F提供了如何與 歐洲職業教育和培訓質量保證框架(EQAVET)一起實施的示例。


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Management Principles of EOMS  管理原則

  • focus on learners and other beneficiaries;
  • visionary leadership;
  • engagement of people;
  • process approach;
  • improvement;
  • evidence-based decisions;
  • relationship management;
  • social responsibility;
  • accessibility and equity;
  • ethical conduct in education;
  • data security and protection.
  • 關注學習者和其他受益者;
  • 願景管理;
  • 人員的參與;
  • 過程方法;
  • 持續改進;
  • 基於證據的決定;
  • 關係管理;
  • 社會責任感;
  • 可獲性和公平性;
  • 道德行為;
  • 數據安全和保護。

Benefits from ISO 21001 Certification 認證的好處

  • Enhance the reputation of educational institution
  • Promote equal opportunities for all students regardless of their religious background, ethnic or cultural origin, gender, ability/disability
  • More personalized learning and effective response to learners;
  • Consistent processes and evaluation tools to demonstrate and increase effectiveness and efficiency;
  • Increased credibility of the organization;
  • demonstration of commitment to effective educational management practices;
  • A culture for organizational improvement;
  • Stimulation of excellence and innovation.
  • 提高教育機構的聲譽
  • 為所有學生提供平等機會,不論其宗教背景,種族或文化淵源,性別,能力/殘疾
  • 更加個性化的學習和對學習者的有效回應;
  • 一致的流程和評估工具,以展示和提高效率和效率;
  • 提高組織的可信度;
  • 表明對有效的教育管理做法的承諾;
  • 組織改進的文化;
  • 刺激卓越和創新。


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