Project Description

Management consultants help organizations improve their business through analysing their systems and processes and developing programmes for improvement. ISO 20700, Guidelines for management consultancy services has been published by ISO in Jun 2017. This standard draws on research and experience from a wide range of management consultancies worldwide and aims to increase transparency and effectiveness for both clients and consultancy, ultimately leading to better outcomes from consultancy work.

Based on the European standard EN 16114:2011, ISO 20700:2017 brings together industry best practice to help make management consultancies more effective, and help develop profession.

“Management consultancies can bring valuable expertise to an organization, with their in-depth knowledge and broad experience of an industry, to help clients bring about growth or change more effectively. In this way, they make a strong contribution to the economy,” as said by Robert Bodenstein, Chair of ISO/PC 280, Management Consultancy, the ISO project committee that developed the standard.

ISO 20700 gives practical guidelines based on outcomes and emphasizes the importance of understanding clients’ needs. It is useful to all management consultancies, regardless of size, and maintains a focus on innovation, differentiation and ethical behaviour. It is also useful for clients in that it helps them better understand what they can expect from a management consultant in a consultancy project.

Although not mandatory, certification to ISO 20700 can bring values to management consulting service providers (MCSPs) in terms of marketing, operational excellence, competitive advantages, and sustainability.

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