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DQS was the 1st Certification Body recognized by IATF for ISO/TS 16949 certification service, issued the 1st IRIS certificate in the world, …  Click here to learn more about DQS.

DQS 是第一家被IATF認可提供 ISO/TS 16949 認證服務的認證機構, 發行了世界上第一張軌道交通管理體系認證證書,… 按此進一步瞭解DQS。

After issuing Germany’s 1st ISO9001 certificate in 1986, DQS has globally certified around 60,000 client sites. Click here for our primary certification and audit service.

自 1986 年頒發了德國的第一張 ISO9001 證書後,DQS 至今在全球認證了約60,000個客戶場所。按此查看我們的主要認證和審核服務。

DQS Academy is providing professional training courses on ISO standards, auditors, IT security, quality tools, etc. Click here for the training courses and schedule.

DQS 學堂 正在提供 ISO 標準、審核員、資訊安全、和質量工具等專業培訓課程,包括包班、公開授課和自學課程。按此查看詳情。

With DQS as a founding member, IQNet members have issued 300,000+ certificates, appx. 1/4 of total certifications in the world. Click here for more.

以 DQS 為創始方之一的國際認證聯盟的成員機構共發行了約 300,000 張管理體系認證證書,約佔世界總數的1/4。按此瞭解更多。

Certified Client Sites 認證場地
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Auditors 審核員 / Trainers 講師

DQS HK 服務大中華區客戶超過30年 !

ISO 45001 Certification accredited by ANAB

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MDSAP for Medical Devices to Canada

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DQS Impact – Q3 2018

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Update to ISO 22000:2018 標準更新

ISO 22000:2018, the new version of international standard for food safety management systems, was released on June 19, 2018. It will bring significant changes for [...]

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