Following the systematic review of ISO 9001:2015, the ISO/TC176/SC2 approved, with a ballot closed on May 1, 2021, the below recommendations by its “Strategic Planning and Operations Task Group” (SPOTG).

  • ISO 9001:2015 should be “confirmed” unchanged.
  • a project should be started at the Preliminary stage, to examine if a revision of ISO 9001 should be started earlier than would usually be determined through the systematic review process.
  • a wider review of the SC2 portfolio of standards should be conducted by the SPOTG and should be coordinated with the work of the ISO/TC 176/Chair’s Strategic Advisory Group (CSAG), as well as the Preliminary stage project on ISO 9001.

A revision process normally takes a couple of years, so we do not anticipate a revised standard for ISO 9001 before 2025.

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在對ISO 9001:2015進行系統性審查之後,國際標準化組織 / 技術委員會 176 / 質量體系分委員會 (SC2) 在2021年5月1日結束的投票中批准了其“戰略規劃和運營任務組” 的以下建議:

  • ISO 9001:2015 應該“確認”無需變更;
  •  應該初步開始一個項目,以查證ISO 9001的修訂是否應該比通常通過系統性評審過程確定的時間更早地開始;
  • “戰略規劃和運營任務組”應該對SC2標準的組合進行更廣泛的審查,並應與ISO / TC 176 /主席的戰略諮詢小組的工作以及ISO 9001的初步階段項目進行協調。

此類標準修訂過程通常需要花費幾年的時間,因此我們預計在2025年之前不會有ISO 9001的修訂版本。

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