Michelin Guide – 2019 has been released for some cities, such as Hong Kong, Macau, and Shanghai.

Michelin has been a giant tires manufacturer with a history over 100 years. As consumers, however, some of the readers may know more about Michelin’ starred-ranking restaurants than about its tires. What is the relation between tires and restaurants?

The founders of Michelin, brothers Édouard and André Michelin, published a guide for French motorists in 1900, the Michelin Guide, with information about maps, hotels, restaurants, etc. It was considered an effort to increase the demand for cars, driving distance, and, accordingly, the tires. Michelin subsequently introduced guides for some other countries, from for free to for selling in the following years.

Recognizing the growing popularity of the restaurant section of the guide, the brothers recruited a team of inspectors to visit and review restaurants, who were always anonymous. The guide began to award stars for fine dining establishments in 1926. In 1936, the criteria for the starred rankings were published:

1-Star:     “A very good restaurant in its category”
2-Star:    “Excellent cooking, worth a detour”
3-Star:   “Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey”

As time goes by, the Guide has covered more and more cities in the world. Although there is feedback for improvement on the evaluation process, the Michelin Guide has been used by more and more people as a reference in their selections for restaurants.

Now come back to Michelin’s traditional product – tires, which have been widely used for vehicles, aerospace, bicycles, and agriculture around the world. The reported revenue of the Michelin Group in 2017 was EUR 21,960 millions. DQS has provided ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 Quality Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification services to the manufacturing operation of Michelin for many years. We are proud to provide supports with professional management system audits and certifications for client’s sustainable success.

Drive safely to enjoy delicious foods, keep an eye on food safety.

《米其林指南 – 2019》已在一些城市發布,如上海、香港、和澳門等。(Michelin在香港等地區被翻譯爲米芝蓮。)

米其林是一家有超過100年歷史的大型輪胎製造商。 然而,作為消費者,一些讀者可能對米其林的星級餐廳了解更多,而不是輪胎。 輪胎和餐館之間有什麼關係?

米其林的企業創辦者米其林兄弟在1900年出版了一本法國駕車者指南 – -《米其林指南》,其中包括地圖、酒店、餐廳等信息。其目的是為了增加對汽車的需求和駕車路程,從而也增加輪胎的需求。米其林隨後推出了其他一些國家的指南, 並從最初的免費提供改爲銷售。

認識到該指南的餐廳部分越來越受歡迎, 兄弟倆招募了一個檢查員小組對餐館進行評審。這些檢查評比總是匿名進行的。該指南于1926年開始為好的餐飲場所頒授星級。在1936年, 一套涵蓋三個星級的餐廳排名標準公佈:


隨著時間的推移, 該指南涵蓋了世界上越來越多的城市。 雖然有回饋希望改進其評價過程, 《米其林指南》已被越來越多的人用作選擇餐館時的參考。

現在返回到米其林的傳統產品 – – 輪胎,目前已經在全球範圍內的汽車、航空、單車、農業等用途上廣泛使用。米其林集團發佈的2017年銷售額達到 219.6億歐元。多年來, DQS 為“米其林”的製造運營提供了ISO 9001IATF 16949品質及ISO 14001環境管理體系認證服務。我們很自豪能夠提供專業的管理體系審核和認證作爲支持,促進客戶的可持續性成功。


** Trademarks relevant to Michelin are registered marks of Michelin.