The digitalization is expanding in the business and operation controls nowadays.  Unfortunately, the risks of businesses and operational interruptions associated with information security are also increasing. Every responsible and reliable product and service provider shall prepare for that for business sustainability.

Volkswagen is very much aware of the potential risks. It is one of the reasons that Volkswagen decided to entrust DQS with expanding certification service for one of their divisions according to ISO 27001:2013 for Information Security Management System Standard. Later this year, the certification audits at Volkswagen Financial Services AG will follow, which operates and coordinates the financial service activities of Volkswagen Group around the world.

About Volkswagen

Volkswagen is one of the automotive giants in the world, with a reported annual sales revenue of € 84.6 billion for the group in 2018.

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大眾非常清楚這些存在的風險。以此作為考慮因素之一,大眾委託DQS為其一個事業部擴展認證服務,按ISO 27001:2013提供資訊安全管理體系認證。在今年稍後的時間,還將對 大眾金融服務公司 進行認證審核。此子公司正在負責大眾氣車集團在世界各地的金融服務。




按此進一步了解關於如何利用ISO 27001:2013 資訊安全管理體系認證來應對這些挑戰。


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