ISO 50001 EnMS standard is under periodic review by the ISO technical committee responsible for energy management and energy savings (ISO/TC 301).

The Draft International Standard ISO/DIS 50001 was approved in November 2017. Perhaps the most important change for the 2018 version is the incorporation of the high-level structure, already adopted by ISO 9001:2015 QMS, ISO 14001:2015 EMS and ISO 45001 OHSMS standards. It will provide improved compatibility with other management system standards.

In addition, clearer concepts connected to energy performance is anticipated for small and mid-sized businesses. This is to help show the benefits of management system standards are not just for multinational businesses.

The objective of ISO 50001 certification is to help organizations improve energy-related performance and energy efficiency continuously and to identify energy reduction opportunities. All of its requirements are designed to be integrated into an organization’s overall management processes.

The new version of ISO 50001 is expected to publish in 2018. If so, the EnMS Standard would be named as ISO 50001:2018. The anticipated transition period is as below:

  • There will be a 3-year transition period after the publication of the revised standard.
  • Audits against ISO 50001:2011, including initial, surveillance, and re-certification, will cease to take place after 18 months from this publication date.

DQS Academy provides professional public auditor training courses to facilitate clients to transition to the new standards.

ISO 50001 能源管理體系標準的發展

國際標準化組織能源管理與能源節約技術委員會(ISO/TC301)負責最新版 ISO 50001的制定、修改和發布工作,修訂後的標準草案已經在2017年11月得到批準。

新版標準與 ISO 9001:2015、ISO 14001:2015標準具有相同的高階結構,這意味著企業管理系統有著最大兼容性。此外,跟中小型企業相關的能源效益的概念將會更加清晰。這將有助於使管理體系標準能帶來的益處不侷限於跨國企業。

ISO 50001 的目標是幫助組織進行能源管理、持續提高能源使用效率、和識別能源降耗機會。其要求的設計就是要融合到組織的運營管理流程中。

最終的國際標準預計在2018年正式發布。如實現,該能源管理體系標準將會命名爲ISO 50001:2018。轉換期預計如下:

  • 已取得ISO 50001:2011認證的企業的轉版過渡期爲正式標準發佈後3年;
  • 在正式標準發布18個月後不能再按ISO 50001:2011進行初次、監督、或再認證審核。

DQS 學堂提供專業的培訓課程選擇客戶轉換到新版標準的認證。

Source: ISO.