DQS certificates as well as the copyrighted certification marks are the outer markings of a successful certifications – and enjoy an excellent reputation in the world. The certification marks or statements of conformity may be used in a variety of ways by the certified organizations, such as letterhead stationery, company brochures, business cards, advertisement, trade fairs, email signatures, websites, etc.


Examples of Acceptable Compositions 認證標誌使用示例

Notes for Use of Marks | 認證標誌使用要點
  • Use of the certification marks requires valid certificates by DQS.
  • If the certificate does not apply to your whole organization, the restricted valid scope shall be identified.
  • The mark is to use together with certified company names and certification standards.
  • Certificate number (BR No.) and the standard revision should be identified.
  • Another color may be used.
  • The mark may NOT be used on product, product packaging, quotes or inspection reports.
  • Avoid misperception that the organization’s product/service is certified.
  • Avoid potential misperception of certification scope, including company, location, product, service, etc.
  • Refer to below Rules for Use of Certification Marks for details.
  • 使用認證標誌需持有相應的有效的 DQS 證書;
  • 若證書範圍沒有覆蓋到整個組織,需註明有效的限定範圍;
  • 此標誌需與獲得認證的公司名稱和相應的認證標準同時使用;
  • 需列出證書號碼(客戶編號)和認證標準版本號;
  • 可以用另一种顏色;
  • 不可用在產品、產品包裝、報價、或檢測報告上;
  • 不應導致組織的產品/服务被誤解為獲得認證;
  • 不應導致認證範圍的誤解,包括公司、場地、產品或服務等;
  • 具體使用要求請參閱下列的認證標誌使用規則。


DQS Certified Management System Mark
UL Registered Firm Mark