(Rev Apr 12, 2020, replacing the former version.)

The outbreak of novel coronavirus disease (CoViD-19) may cause operational interruption to clients, travel restrictions by governments, or significant health risk during audit process.  Accordingly, DQS HK has special arrangements for the affected ISO 9001 QMS, ISO 14001 EMS, and ISO 45001 OHSMS audits.

Remote Audits

  • If a planned on-site initial, surveillance or recertification audit cannot be conducted within the regular timeframe, arrange partial remote audit for normally up to 50% of the whole audit time, to evaluate the suitability for continued certification.

Surveillance Audits

  • An extension of 90 days is granted to commence with the affected on-site part of surveillance audit, which must be completed within 2020 as an additional condition.
    The certification suspension will not be initiated within this period, if the result of the remote audit is positive in terms of suitability for continued certification.
  • For some clients with all activities auditable with ICT, 100% remote audits can be applied after passing a risk evaluation, instead of audit postponements.

Recertification Audits

  • After the remote audit with positive result, the validity of the existing certificate may be recommended to extend for up to 6 months, with an extension letter later.
  • The affected on-site part of recertification audit may be commenced within 90 days after the remote audit, but before the expiration date of the existing certificate.
    For an exceptional case with justification, the affected on-site Recertification Audit can be further postponed to be completed no later than 120 calendar days prior to the prolonged certificate expiration date as stated above.
  • For some clients with all activities auditable with ICT, 100% remote audits can be applied after passing a risk evaluation, instead of audit postponements.

Unaffected Sites

  • The unaffected audits shall be carried-out as planned.


  • According to the current certification rules, the special audit arrangements this year due to the CoViD-19 pandemic will not affect the normal audit arrangements next year;
  • DQS will continues to closely monitor the situation and will decide on further adjustments, if needed.

Other Certifications

  • On-site follow-up may be needed if a significant concern is raised from a remote audit.
  • By the way, the information about special arrangement for IATF 16949 audits is at:
  • For other certifications/audits not included here, please contact us for more details.



因應近期新型冠狀病毒所致肺炎疫情 (CoViD-19)的爆發,可能導致某些客戶的運作中斷、導致政府對旅行實施限制、或對審核雙方人員帶來重大健康風險。DQS HK為受疫情影響的ISO 9001 、ISO 14001、和ISO 45001 審核做以下特別安排。


  • 如果受疫情影響無法在正常的時間範圍內進行原先計劃的初次、監視或再認證審核,先安排部分的遠程審核以評估認證的持續適宜性,一般情況下佔整個審核時間的比例不超過50%


  • 受影響的現場部分的監督審核可以在原來期限的基礎上延長90天,但同時需要在2020年內完成。
  • 對於某些全部運作可以通過信息溝通工具進行審核的客戶,在通過風險評估後,可以進行100%的遠程審核,而無需推遲審核。


  • 如果上述遠程審核的結果是正面的,則可以推薦發放一封延長信函,將現有的管理體系認證證書的有效期延長6個月
  • 受影響的現場部分的再認證審核可以延遲到在現有證書到期之前開始,但需在上述遠程審核後的90天內。
  • 對於全部運作可以通過信息溝通工具進行審核的某些客戶,在通過風險評估後,可以進行100%的遠程審核,而無需推遲審核。


  • 對未受影響的審核需按時進行。


  • 按目前的認證規則,今年受疫情影響的審核特別安排不影響明年的正常審核安排;
  • DQS 將繼續密切監視疫情的發展,並可能在需要時決定進一步的調整。


  • 在遙距審核中,不排除發現個別重要關注點,需要後面的現場跟進。
  • 順帶,有關IATF 16949審核的特別安排見此網頁: https://www.dqs.hk/iatf-waivers-associated-with-2019-ncov/.
    IATF 規則不允許遠程審核。
  • 關於在上文未包括的其他認證/審核安排,可以聯繫我們。