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Global Presence @ Local Expertise | 全球化服務 @ 本地化評審

Since 1985, DQS (Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Zertifizierung von Managementsystemen) has been the trusted certification and assessment partner for quality-focused companies around the world – companies who are serious about organizational health and long-term success. With audits, assessments and certifications, we help you achieve sustainable business success.

自1985年,DQS(中文譯爲 德國體系認證集團)成為全球以質量為本企業可信賴的認證伙伴。我們關注客戶的組織健康和長遠目標。通過審核、評估和認證,我們協助企業在商業上取得可以持續的成功。

股東結構 | Shareholder Structure
股東介紹 | Shareholder Background
發展歷史 | History
服務網絡 | World Presence
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認證聯盟 | Certification Network

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