Accreditations and Recognitions | 國際認可

DQS assesses management systems and processes on the basis of nationally and internationally recognized standards and specifications.
DQS 根據相關國家和國際認可的標準和規範評審管理體系和過程。

Below are the primary accreditations and recognitions related to audits and certifications by DQS-HK.
以下是 DQS 香港審核及認證業務的主要相關認可機構:

DQS affiliates across the world have also been authorized by various other national accreditation bodies in different countries, such as:
DQS 集團在世界各地的附屬公司獲得了衆多其他不同國家認可機構的認可, 例如:

An overview of all DQS Group accreditation is available at | 詳情可瀏覽: DQS Group Accreditations

Verification of Certificates | 認證證書查證 

Impartiality Statement | 公正性聲明

Independence and Objectivity | 獨立性和客觀性

The executive management of DQS respects the importance of impartiality in carrying our assessment and certification activities. Potential conflict of interest is managed in order to assure the objectivity of all certification activities.

DQS 的管理層對審核和認證的公正性尤為尊重。我們對潛在利益進行管理,以確保服務的客觀性。