(Updated on Aug 19, 2019)

The AIAG-VDA FMEA Handbook (Ver 1) has been available for sale since early June 2019. Perhaps partially due to the cultural differences between US and Germany, several years have been spent in the integration project. Compared with the draft version of 2017, the official version has made quite some revisions and improvements. However, the following points are worthy of your attention:

  • From the new manual, some contents are quite difficult to understand for the general readers, especially those related to technical concepts and Monitoring & System Response (FMEA-MSR).
  • There are editing errors in some contents, such as the order for most effective optimization and the contents about FHTI.
  • There may be confusion with the term of FTTI without definition.
  • There is confusion with the difference related to FTTI and FHTI in FMEA-MSR.
  • There are also quite some other variations or inaccurate translations between English and Chinese versions. If you look at one version alone, misleading may be created.
  • Compared with the AIAG FMEA (4th edition), the description of the necessary scopes for DFMEA, PFMEA, FMEA-MSR analyses in the new manual is relatively open, and the reader may not be able to understand the implementation requirements.
  • Compared to AIAG FMEA (4th edition), the new manual has no clear description for some concepts, such as:
    – Can some risks not being effectively addressed in DFMEA be addressed in PFMEA?
    – Does the suppliers’ incoming material problems need to be addressed in the organization’s PFMEA?
    – Does the customer complaint have to be reflected in the FMEA?

It is expected that some automotive customers will require to implement the new FMEA manual for new projects soon, while the organizations in other industries can also use the FMEA approach for risk management. However, if employees misunderstand some of the manual’s requirements from the beginning during the transition process, it may cause unnecessary wastes of efforts.

In view of it, DQS Academy has specially arranged technical experts to compare and study the new and old manuals, English and Chinese versions, formulate training materials with repeated proofreading.

  • Instead of being bound to the lengthy concept descriptions in the manual, we put the essence into the training materials.
  • Presented in a simplified way with focus on customers’ application needs.
  • Summarize the similarities between DFMEA, PFMEA and FMEA-MSR for easy understanding.
  • Add some extra contents for better application.
  • Provide a simplified AP Table for DFMEA and PFMEA.
  • Focus on explaining the relevance of DFMEA, PFMEA, FMEA-MSR, and other related items.
  • Develop cases studies and test questions, to strengthen and verify understanding.

We try our best to let the customers  in need and trainees master the application requirements of the new FMEA manual efficiently and accurately. Customers without product design responsibilities may choose a shorted training course excluding DFMEA and FMEA-MSR.

《AIAG-VDA 潛在失效模式及影響分析手冊》(第1版) 已經在2019年6月初開始發售。可能部分由於美國和德國兩種文化的差異,相關各方用了幾年的時間進行整合。相對2017年的草稿版,新版做了不少的變更和改善。不過,還有以下幾點值得讀者留意:

  • 從正式手冊的內容來看,有些地方對一般讀者來說比較難以理解,特別是涉及一些技術概念的闡述和監測及系統響應(FMEA-MSR)的內容;
  • 個別內容出現編輯差錯,例如FMEA-MSR中的優化的最有效順序和FHTI的闡述;
  • 手冊中沒有具體定義的術語 “容錯時間”(FTTI)可能會帶來困擾;
  • FMEA-MSR中與FTTI、FHTI相關的差異或差錯會帶來困擾;
  • 在中英文的內容上還有其他一些相異或翻譯不準確的方法,如果只看一個版本很可能會產生誤導;
  • 相對於AIAG FMEA (第4版), 新版手冊對DFMEA、PFMEA、FMEA-MSR分析的必要範圍的描述是相對比較開放性的,讀者未必馬上能很有把握地理解其執行要求;
  • 相對於AIAG FMEA (第4版), 新版手冊在一些概念上沒有特別明確的描述,例如:
    – DFMEA中最終都未能有效應對的風險是否可以通過PFMEA來應對?
    – 供應商來料不良的問題是否需要在組織的PFMEA中應對?
    – 客戶投訴是否必須反應在FMEA中?


有見及此,DQS 學堂專門安排技術專家對新、舊版手冊、中、英文版本進行比較和研究,制定培訓教材,並反覆校對。我們:

  • 不拘泥於手冊中冗長的一些概念闡述,我們提取其中的精華內容放進教材;
  • 從客戶的應用需要出發,以簡化的方式展示;
  • 歸納DFMEA、PFMEA和FMEA-MSR的相同點,方便理解;
  • 加入一些有助於理解的額外內容,幫助實戰應用;
  • 提供簡化的DFMEA和PFMEA的措施優先度AP表。
  • 注重講解關聯DFMEA、PFMEA、FMEA-MSR、及其他相關項目的關聯性;
  • 研發幫助理解的案例和測試題,鞏固和確認理解。


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