Internal Auditor Training Courses 內審員培訓課程

Internal Auditor Training Courses 內審員培訓課程


為配合認證客戶進行管理體系升級和新版標準轉換審核的準備,近月來 DQS Academy 為中國和香港的客戶提供了多場 ISO 9001:2015、IATF 16949:2016、及 ISO 14001:2015 內審員培訓課程,包括在 DQS-HK 辦公室的公開課程和包班公開培訓,授課語言包括了粵語、普通話、和英語。培訓現場討論熱烈,學習效果明顯。從學員調查反饋來看,整體上學員們對培訓課程表示非常滿意,並樂於推薦給其他人。


如果 貴公司需要我們在特定的日期和地點的安排培訓課程,請填寫上列網頁底端的課程團購訂單並發送回給我們進行培訓日程確認和安排。

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Internal Auditor Training Courses

In recent months, DQS Academy has provided a number of ISO 9001: 2015, IATF 16949: 2016, and ISO 14001: 2015 internal auditor training courses for customers in mainland China and Hong Kong, to help the certified organizations with the required knowledge to upgrade their management systems and prepare for the coming transition audits to new standards. The provided training courses included the public courses at DQS-HK Office and the courses at clients designated location, with lecturing languages in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. The trainee had active discussions during the courses and learning effect was obvious. From our survey, the participants were very satisfied with the training courses and willing to recommend them to others, as demonstrated from the surveys.

We found that there are still quite some certified organisations are planning to conduct internal auditors training in 2017. Accordingly, we regularly organize public training courses, on internal auditors and core tools, on scheduled dates and other dates and venues as requested by customers. Details of the training courses are available at:

If you need a training course at a location and date convenient for your company, you can complete the group order at the bottom of above webpage and send it back to us for processing.