Update of ISO 45001 OHS Standard Development 職安健國際標準發行進展

Update of ISO 45001 OHS Standard Development 職安健國際標準發行進展

ISO 45001 職業安全與健康管理體系標準預計將於 2018年春季左右正式發布

ISO 45001 將不會如原計劃一樣在2017年出現。 由於第一個標準草案(DIS 1)未獲得超過75%的多數成員批准,國際標準化委員會於2016年6月決定需要第二個標準草案(DIS 2)。 然而,修訂現行標準草案需要比原計劃更多的時間,工作組的最後一次會議將於2017年2月在維也納舉行,討論所有意見和反對意見,並編寫第二次標準草案的內容。 因此,預計2017年3月/ 4月左右將發布 DIS 2,2017年10月/ 11月左右發布最終草案(FDIS)。

在此情況下,可以預計職安健管理體系國際標準 ISO 45001要到 2018 年春天左右才會正式發布,並在IAF規定的時期內取代目前的OHSAS 18001:2007標準。DQS-HK 將不時發布有關 ISO45001 最新的發展,和提供專業培訓課程協助客戶進行職安健管理體系認證升級

Publication of ISO 45001 OHS standard is expected around Spring 2018 

The International Standard ISO 45001 will not appear in 2017 as originally planned. Since DIS 1 did not obtain the necessary approval of more than 75%,  the International Committee decided in June 2016 that a second draft standard (DIS 2) was required. However, the revision of the current draft standard requires more time than originally planned. And a final meeting of the Working Group will be held in Vienna from February 2017, to discuss all comments and objections as well as to prepare the content for the second DIS. Therefore, DIS 2 is to be expected in March/April 2017 and the final draft (FDIS) in October/November 2017 at the earliest.

Against this backdrop, the publication of ISO 45001 can be expected to release around the spring of 2018, which will replace the current OHSAS 18001:2007 standard within a period specified by IAF. We will keep you up-to-date on any further developments of ISO 45001. Meanwhile, we will provide professional training courses to help clients upgrade their OHS management system certification to the new ISO standard.