DQS approved by F4SS for AuditOne Initiative
DQS獲批爲 F4SS AuditOne 的認證機構

DQS approved by F4SS for AuditOne Initiative
DQS獲批爲 F4SS AuditOne 的認證機構

策略採購基金會(F4SS)在 2016 年 11 月批准 DQS 作為 AuditOne 的認證機構,DQS 現可以在 AuditOne 的框架內進行審核,AuditOne 框架是一個最近啟動的行業倡議,旨在協調消費品行業的質量審核。經過批准,DQS 確認了其作為世界上消費產品行業值得信賴的認證機構之一。

計劃旨在為消費品行業創建一套單一的質量標準和審核流程,從而減少供應鏈的審核負擔。憑藉寶潔強生聯合利華歐萊雅雅詩蘭黛等領先的個人護理及化妝品品牌的支持,AuditOne 必將成為快速消費品供應鏈中的重要工具。

這個批准對所有 DQS 認證客戶來說是非常利好的消息,DQS 致力保持其在市場上持續享有高水平的認可。


AuditOne 背後的理念是,供應商只有一個年度審核便可以滿足幾個客戶的質量要求。這不僅降低了審核成本,而且減輕了供應商為遵守個別客戶不同的質量要求的合規負擔。AuditOne 涵蓋化妝品化學成分、維生素、營養品、家庭和洗衣產品,活性藥物成分和輔料等範圍的供應商,以及主要和次要包裝材料的供應商。

AuditOne 不設置新的要求,而是在現有標準下創建統一的框架。根據其活動範圍,供應商根據國際公認的標準(如HPC 420EFfCIEXCiPACTISO 15378BRC包裝標準)進行審核。F4SS網站對計劃的初衷和程序提供了完整概述。

The Foundation for Strategic Sourcing (F4SS) approved DQS as a certification body for the AuditOne Initiative in November 2016.  Effective immediately, the DQS Group will be able to conduct audits within the AuditOne framework, a recently launched industry initiative to harmonize quality audits within the consumer goods industry.  With the approval, DQS confirms its position as one of the most trusted certification bodies for the consumer products industry in the world.

The AuditOne Initiative aims to create a single set of quality standards and audit processes for the consumer goods industry, thereby reducing the audit burden in the supply chain. With leading brands in personal care and cosmetic, such as Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, L’Oreal and Estée Lauder backing the initiative, AuditOne is bound to become a crucial instrument within the FMCG supply chain.

The approval is good news for all DQS-certified sites, who can rest assured that DQS certificates continue to enjoy the highest level of recognition in the market.

AuditOne: One Quality Audit for Multiple Customers

The idea behind AuditOne is that suppliers can meet the quality requirements of several clients with only one annual audit. This not only reduces the auditing costs, but also alleviates the compliance burden for suppliers, who often had to comply with the diverging quality requirements of individual customers.

Covered within the scope of AuditOne are among other suppliers of cosmetic ingredients, vitamins, nutritionals, raw materials and ingredients for home and laundry products, active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients, as well as suppliers of primary and secondary packaging materials.

The AuditOne Initiative does not set new requirements, but relies on existing standards to create a unified framework. Depending on the scope of their activities, suppliers are audited against internationally recognized standards such as HPC 420, EFfCI, EXCiPACT, ISO 15378 and the BRC Packaging Standard.  A full overview of the initiative and the procedure for suppliers is available on the F4SS website.



short video on DQS Supplier Assessment | DQS 供應商評審


DQS:您的 AuditOne 及供應鍊評審的合作夥伴

作為 F4SS 批淮的認證機構,此批准涵蓋了所有 AuditOne 計劃內的標準,而且沒有地域限制。通過遍布全球的高素質審核人員網絡,DQS有能力為所有參與供應商提供有增值效益的審核,您可以通過客觀評估顯現改善機會,或者證明您的供應商管理系統成功實施和運行。 DQS 的定期審查支持您的公司最大限度地降低風險,不斷優化您的業務流程並使其持續有效。

DQS: Your Partner for AuditOne & Supplier Assessment

As an approved certification body by F4SS, the program covers all standards that are part of the AuditOne Initiative, without any geographical restrictions. With a network of highly qualified auditors around the globe, DQS has the capability to provide value-adding audits to all participating suppliers. You can get an objective assessment, showing where any action opportunities or if your systems in supplier management are successfully implemented and functioned. The regular review by DQS supports your company to minimize risks and optimize your business processes continuously and to make it effective.